Flood Maps

The best way to visualize the impact of storm events and sea level rise on Belvedere is to map it. Using data from San Francisco Bay Conservation Development Commission’s 2018 Adapting to Rising Tides Inundation Explorer, we have mapped the extent of likely inundation today, in 2050 and in 2100 based on the City’s sea-level rise assumptions (1.1 ft by 2050 and 3.4 ft by 2100).

The map is interactive and allows you to see how Belvedere fares under various scenarios. Just select your chosen time period and storm surge from the drop-down menu to see the areas that will flood. 

To learn more about the ART mapping and its application to Belvedere, please click here.

For reference purposes – as shown in the drop-down menu – a King Tide is an especially high tide that happens a few times per year, a 5Y Storm has a 20% chance of happening in any given year, and a 50Y Storm has a 2% chance of happening in any given year.

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