About The Belvedere Sea Wall Project

Belvedere is an idyllic place to live, but we face challenges ahead. Our existing shoreline protection is too low to protect our community from major storm events and sea-level rise, and is seismically unsound. Our two access roads, and the utilities buried underneath them, are catastrophically vulnerable. Crossing our fingers and hoping for the best is not an option.

We want to start the conversation now about what our plan of action should look like to keep our community safe while enhancing the shoreline. Solutions will require spending well in excess of our City’s current budget and will require new sources of revenue. With critical public assets at risk, it is in all of our interests to reach consensus on an equitable fix.

From Our Leaders

  • Our antiquated sea walls threaten the safety of our entire community. We must engage in the process of agreeing and implementing smart solutions.

    Nancy Kemnitzer, Mayor of Belvedere
  • Our flooding and earthquake risks are very real. We have solutions that can protect Belvedere for decades to come.

    Craig Middleton, Belvedere City Manager
  • Flooding risk is a challenge across Marin County. Belvedere is leading the way with local solutions to local challenges.

    Kate Sears, Marin County Supervisor

** Revised Design Plans Now Available! Visit Solutions Page to Learn More**